This page is all about how you can contribute to Wikidot. If you are only looking for information on how to download and run Wikidot, see the

There are many ways how you can contribute to Wikidot. Even if you're not a programmer, you can help us with the documentation, or work on the design. For a start, we suggest you our forum for developers.

On the other hand, if you know how to program PHP, can design web applications — you are certainly welcome to contribute code of all sorts.

Allowing Wikidot Inc. to incorporate your contributions

Even though source code of Wikidot is licensed to you under the AGPLv3, it's not enough to submit your patches under the AGPLv3. The Licensing information page (at will tell you more about how Wikidot Inc. handles Wikidot licensing.

In any event, if you like to contribute anything that is subject to copyright (text, media, or code), Wikidot Inc. must be legally certain they can redistribute the code you have contributed to their own customers who have purchased closed-source editions of Wikidot. In order to be able to accept your contribution, we must therefore ask you to do one of two things:

1. Fill out the Copyright Assignment and License (CAL) and send it to Wikidot Inc. With the CAL, you give Wikidot Inc. permission to use your contribution under licenses other than the main Wikidot license. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event: once we have your CAL, we will never again ask you to undergo any bureaucratic procedures, and all future contributions are covered.

2. If you don't want to sign such an agreement, you can alternatively submit your contribution under a public domain license (details later).

If you are an employee, then you must get approval from your employer to submit code to Wikidot. The simplest way is to get your employer to sign the CAL.

When your do not need a CAL

If you want to participate in discussions, fill bug reports, submit feature requests etc. — you do not need to sign CAL. If however you are contributing anything that falls into the "intellectual property" category, you should.

How to submit CAL?

By email

Please print, sign and scan the CAL document. The scanned image should be at least 150dpi quality and be clearly readable. Send the scanned CAL to moc.todikiw|lac#moc.todikiw|lac and we will reply to you by email once we process it. This is the fastest way we can get your CAL and you can start working on the code.


If you prefer faxing — print, sign and fax your CAL to the number +48564754756 to our headquarters in Poland. We will contact you back once we process CAL.


You can also send a signed CAL by mail to, but could take many days since we receive it:

Wikidot Inc.
Pl. Sw. Katarzyny 9
87-100 Torun

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