Blogging Suite


This proposal is about making blogging easier with Wikidot.


Many Wikidot users ask for better blogging experience with Wikidot. Currently blogs and news systems can be set up via forums and the FronForum module, but this is not a perfect set up.

The goal of our work is to incorporate full blogging suite for Wikidot. Here are a few assumptions:

  • Blog articles are pages in a specified category (e.g. blog:).
  • When an author wants to create a new blog article (post), he/she makes a new page.
  • Pages should have comments/pingbacks/trackbacks configurable.

Here is a list of things that we need to make the full blogging system:

  • "Live templates" so that authors can set common layout for all pages from a category. done
  • ListPages module that would allow to make front-page list of blog entries. done
  • RSS feeds that couple to the ListPages module. done
  • Blogger-friendly comments system (not coupled to the forums, allow commenters to sign with their URL).
  • Pingback/Trackback implementation.
    • The two above also require an anti-spam technology.
  • Handful module for displaying post count in years/months (aka blog calendar).

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