Karma feature is an idea to calculate and indicate users' activity within Wikidot and visually distinguish high-activity users from low-activity users. In the first implementation karma will be based solely on the activity.


Karma calculation and levels

Internally karma is represented by points. Users can get points for various activities that include (but is not limited to):

  • creating and editing wiki pages
  • creating forum threads and posts
  • being wiki administrator/moderator/member
  • inviting other people to join Wikidot
  • having contacts
  • using AdSense on their wikis

Points are not show publicly and we are not going to publish the exact algorithm how we are calculating them. (The open-source version includes framework for karma calculation with simple example rules).

Based on the distribution of points among users system is calculating karma levels — ranging from 0 to 5 with verbal counterparts:

0 - none
1 - low
2 - medium
3 - high
4 - very high
5 - guru

Karma will be calculated once per day. The general idea is that it should be quite easy to get medium karma, but the higher level the more activity it would require. The guru level should be available only to a few percent of the most active users.

Visual indication of karma levels

All avatars (user icons) will be accompanied by an extra icon showing "bars" — number of bars will be equal to the karma level. This way, just by looking at user entry (anywhere it appears) one will be able to see his/her karma level.


Karma level will be also visible in the user profile and user info popup.

Benefits from having high karma

  • Since karma levels are displayed next to the user icon it means people can instantly see highly active users.
  • Karma = respect (sociological).
  • Some extra features from the pro-accounts (e.g. forum signatures). This is unconfirmed.

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