Project repository

Wikidot projects are kept in the Subversion repository located at There are several ways to use it:


Public access:

Read-only, no-authentication, non-encrypted access for everyone. Use this to access all our projects.

Developer access:

SSL-enabled access, authentication required for commits. Recommended only if you are authorized to make direct commits.

Web access:

Great for online viewing, tracking changes. Based on the Sventon Web Client. Open to everyone.


Currently there is no mailing list that would be pinged when commits are made to the repository. We are working on in, but meanwhile you could use RSS feeds that can be found in our svn web client.


Repository follows general layout rules: each of the projects contains trunk, branches and tags.
At the moment all the development is done in trunk.

Current projects are:

Wikidot version 1, equivalent of the software that is used to run
next generation of the Wikidot software, under heavy development

Quick examples

To checkout the latest revision of Wikidot v1 into the current directory, do:

svn checkout .

To checkout the latest revision of Wikidot v2 into the current directory, do:

svn checkout .

Developers will likely want to use https instead of http since commits can only be done using https.

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